HTM.Java HTM.Java is a port of NuPIC for the JVM. It includes the complete Network API and is curated by @cogmission. NuPIC The Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC) is a machine intelligence platform that implements the HTM learning algorithms. It provides interfaces for Python and C++. NAB The Numenta Anomaly Benchmark is a novel benchmark for evaluating algorithms for anomaly detection in streaming, real-time applications. NuPIC Community Fork This category is only for discussion about community development off of forks of NuPIC (and related projects). Machine Learning Topics having to do with Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, or any other type of Machine Learning. Especially with relation to HTM. Applications Have an idea for an application of HTM to a real-world problem? Looking for people to help build out your amazing concepts? Pitch your ideas and share your work here. Implementations Have you written your own Spatial Pooling or Temporal Memory algorithm? Or are you looking for an HTM in a certain environment? Someone may have already written it! Check here for different language implementations of HTM.
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