HTM Theory   Papers

Continuous online sequence learning with an unsupervised neural network model (10)
How are synapses stored in spatial pooler implementation? (3)
How Do Neurons Operate On Sparse Distributed Representations? A Mathematical Theory Of Sparsity, Neurons And Active Dendrites (7)
Real-Time Anomaly Detection for Streaming Analytics (5)
Unsupervised Real-Time Anomaly Detection for Streaming Data (4)
Encoding Data for HTM Systems (18)
HTM as intelligent seismic detector (4)
Properties of Sparse Distributed Representations and their Application to Hierarchical Temporal Memory (4)
HTM Learning algorithm (3)
STDP enables spiking neurons to detect hidden causes of their inputs (1)
Spatter code (1)
BioSpaun: A large-scale behaving brain model with complex neurons (1)
Using Human Brain Activity to Guide Machine Learning (1)
Non-volatile Hierarchical Temporal Memory: Hardware for Spatial Pooling (4)
Porting HTM Models to the Heidelberg Neuromorphic Computing Platform (4)
HTM as Multiview Embedding: Information leverage in interconnected ecosystems: Overcoming the curse of dimensionality (1)
Deviant Learning Algorithm: Learning Sparse Mismatch Representations through Time and Space (2)
Learning and Inferring Relations in Cortical Networks (3)
Cortical Learning via Prediction (2)
An Investigation of Adaptive Behavior Towards a Theory of Neocortical Function (2)
[1607.06854v2] Unsupervised Learning from Continuous Video in a Scalable Predictive Recurrent Network (3)
Semantic Folding Theory: how to map contexts to 2D map? (2)
Encoding Reality: Prediction-Assisted Cortical Learning Algorithm in Hierarchical Temporal Memory (5)
Visual Target Sequence Prediction via Hierarchical Temporal Memory Implemented on the iCub Robot (1)
Symphony from Synapses: Neocortex as a Universal Dynamical Systems Modeller using Hierarchical Temporal Memory (5)
Formal analysis of HTM Spatial Pooler performance under predefined operation conditions (3)
Towards an integration of deep learning and neuroscience (1)
Intelligent Predictions: an empirical study of the Cortical Learning Algorithm (1)
Toward a Universal Cortical Algorithm: Examining Hierarchical Temporal Memory in Light of Frontal Cortical Function (1)
A Mathematical Formalization of Hierarchical Temporal Memory's Spatial Pooler (1)