Are there any examples of anomaly detection algorithms implemented with TensorFlow?

I’m fairly new to this subject and I am working on a project that deals with detecting anomalies in time-series data. I want to use TensorFlow so that I could potentially deploy the model onto a mobile device. I’m having a difficult time finding relevant material and examples of anomaly detection algorithms implemented in TensorFlow.

Some algorithms I’m looking into are clustering algorithms for classifying windowed samples and Holt-Winters for streaming data.

Any example would help me tremendously!

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Hi @gracylayla,

If you’re interested in a Hierarchical Temporal Memory implementation in Tensorflow, there is one that I know of here: (disclaimer: I’ve not tried it and it’s been over a year since the last commit). It looks fairly basic and it might need a bit of work to do anomaly detection.

Since you’re specifically targeting mobile, it could be worth checking out this example mobile app:

Hope this helps!

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Hi, @jimmyw

Thanks For Your Reply, It’s very helpful for me

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