Blog post: "Big Picture of Phasic Dopamine"

To be clear, as far as I know, Numenta staff works exclusively on neocortex, thalamus, hippocampus, and entorhinal cortex. But other parts of the brain do come up semi-regularly here on the forum, and I’ve learned a lot browsing through those conversations. (…And several people here may read my blog post at the top of this thread and recognize a butchered version of their own ideas…)

Yeah, in fact when I was just starting in neuroscience, the first I time ever heard the name “Randall O’Reilly” was this thread on his vision model.

Can you elaborate? I’m intrigued.

I feel like maybe I understand dopamine (post at the top of this thread) and acetylcholine (this post), but I’ve never looked into norepinephrine.

Also by the way speaking of neurotransmitters, if anyone knows what serotonin does (computationally), please tell me, it’s been bothering me.

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