Blog post on in-database HTM

Hi all,

I have a draft of a Medium post I’ve been working on, and I was inspired to get it finished on the leadup to the June meetup event which I’m excited to be attending.

It demonstrates a slightly modified HTM.js running in-database on a cloud-based data warehouse called Snowflake.

Thanks to @brev for input via his very similar existing project, and @Paul_Lamb not only for his implementation, but for fielding a couple of questions along the way.

Please let me know if you have any feedback, particularly of the “there are glaring inaccuracies” kind :smiley:


@jimmyw Great work! I really like the graphs at the end where you show how quickly it learns. I think a DB integration like this could be really useful.


Thanks @rhyolight!

Yes, the post is aimed at the Snowflake audience, and yes @Falco it’s just a little bit evangelical :stuck_out_tongue:

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