Building HTM Systems (WIP Document)

Yesterday I had some trouble getting learning working, but I found the problem today and finished up.

On Monday, we’ll finish up the learning bit and start tracking active duty cycles. This will set the stage for implementing boosting.



Next stream will be this afternoon on YouTube, where I’ll be writing prose describing Spatial Pooling.


I had to update the link, sorry. Technical difficulties.

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Check out the Spatial Pooler prose so far.


I’ll be continuing writing prose for the SP today about the minicolumn competition. Tune in at 1PM PDT.

Live-coding Active / Overlap Duty Cycles (again) in about 15 minutes.

I got duty cycles working properly on my fork (both active and overlap). I just ignored performance and cached 1000 time steps. After testing on the website, it did not slow anything down, so let’s roll with it. I’ll be explaining the code and merging / deploying today, then we’ll create the overlay duty cycle diagram.

Today we created stack-ranked minicolumn competition diagram.

See it live at


Hey folks, I am taking a break from the live-coding so I can do some code cleanup and make fast progress on my backlog. I’m also focusing a lot right now on learning Deep Learning. So I won’t be live-coding on this series for awhile. Just a heads-up. You can continue watching my progress on the Github Project Tracker and see all changes on the staging server.

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