Example usage of Coordinate Encoder

Ok I found it! nupic.bindings is within site-packages/nupic/. Should I delete just the bindings folder or the whole nupic folder containing it?

Just delete the whole nupic folder and reinstall.

Ok its gone! I’ve never been so happy to see:

ImportError: No module named nupic

Lol. Now I’ll just simply

pip install nupic


Yep :crossed_fingers:

One stupid error in the way! In:

Collecting unittest2==0.5.1 (from nupic)

Any thoughts to get around this?


When I set my default python to python 3 it will import nupic but not nupic bindings, and when I set it to python 2 it wont do either. :thinking:

Hey @rhyolight, any ideas how I might probe next on this? I’ve been poking around without success so far. I’m sorry to pester you in this!

Definitely use python 2, not 3. And try uninstalling unittest2:

pip uninstall unittest2

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So what’s the verdict?
Is anomaly detection possible with coordinateEncoder in 1.0.1 with any of:

  1. x,y coordinates?
  2. x.y.z coordinates?

If so, what is the corrct syntax to call it?

"Sam, this looks like a bug. Particularly, that CoordinateEncoder has an incomplete implementation in that it does not implement getBucketIndices() as required by the base Encoder superclass. This renders CoordinateEncoder unusable in the OPF, it seems. I’ll write up a bug report"
Has it been solved in 1.0.1?

Yes, for anomaly detection. But there is still now way to decode predictive cells into coordinates, so prediction won’t work.

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