GoodAI General AI Challenge

GoodAI is a research and development initiative started in 2014, focussed on General AI. GoodAi is based in Prague and currently has a team of about 20 international researchers. Here is an announcement from the GoodAI team about an upcoming challenge they are launching:

On Feb 15th, we will launch the 1st milestone challenge in the series of challenges focused on solving general AI.

The whole initiative is called General AI Challenge, organized by GoodAI with the help of our friends.

GoodAI provides a prize fund of $5mil, that we will give out in milestone prizes during the next couple of years.

In the1st milestone challenge that I mentioned, participants will be challenged to build an agent capable of gradual learning in a simple environment. We call this milestone a warm-up, since it will run for about 6 months only and the tasks will be, as we believe, solvable within this timeframe. The reward for this milestone will be $50.000 in total: around 15K for the 1st place, 10K for the second, and 5K $ for the 3d place, plus we will award several “best idea” prizes.

All the details will be published on the challenge website on Feb 15th.

We hope that this milestone challenge will be a successful kick off for the whole series, will attract a lot of talent, and will incentivize the community to focus on general intelligence topics - such as gradual learning, meta learning, and learning to learn.


Thank you Celeste. This looks interesting. They seem to be still forming the criteria for the challenge. They have a forum where the first stages are being discussed.

Depending on what they come up with, there is a good possibility we’ll be able to compete here because we have a unsupervised online learning system. Keep your eyes on this challenge and you might be able to make some cash. :slight_smile:

If you are thinking seriously about this, think about forming a team with others in our community. Let me know if you need any help organizing. I’ll keep an eye on their forums to see if anything is updated. I’ve already asked for some clarification on OS licenses.


An update - GoodAI has launched their General AI Challenge. Marek Rosa (founder of GoodAI) has published a short post about the 1st round of the Challenge and its goals - you can read it on his blog.

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