How Might Columns be Shown?

If we haven’t already, there may be a good chance of providing such an example in the future and although such validation be never be definitive; the more examples we provide going forward, more crickets than critics seem to appear and so once again we are grateful for your time, effort and consideration.

Not so much a problem, nor proof nor even evidence, but a recent case where a popular content creator liked one of our tweets.

Good show, @Falco.
“Abstract Our findings suggest that global relational codes may be used to organize non-spatial conceptual representations and that these codes may have hexagonal grid-like pattern when conceptual knowledge is laid out in two continuous dimensions.”

We skimmed one of the abstracts (1.) Falco offered in a recent post and suspect such grid pattern may be similar to that of “rhombille tiling.

Figure 3 depicts how we moved from triangle to hexagon and finally to rhomboid. Of particular interest may be the three elements in the final assembly (fig. 3i) having emerged originally, remain open and may be open to discussion, but we think they may be depicting where and how the experience of consciousness comes about and may correspond to the three domains depicted by Figure 4 in the above post.

(fig. 3)

The dotted lines in Figure 5a may be depicting subjective experience, which when it occurs completes the “metacube” (fig. 5b) and the snowflake (fig. 5c). In Numenta’s case, the subjective experience in question may be that of recognition and when it occurs, we experience it such as an Epiphany or when something “rings true” and so on.

Figure 5

If the thicker line elements may depict that of the physical and the thinner line elements that of “organized non-spatial conceptual representations” (previously stated as metaphysical), then a distinction may be drawn among the latter, for example in terms of sensory input (a.) and things such as internal dialogue, creative problem solving or otherwise as inference may suggest (b.), where combined depict the experience of recognition or conscious awareness (c.).
Figure 6:

I locked this post because it is no longer related to biologically inspired intelligence. In fact it seems to have moved into the realm of metaphysics. You’ll find many places on the internet to discuss topics like this, but not here.

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