How to refer to htm.core implementation?

I want to refer to the htm.core implementation in my article. Does anyone know which address I should refer to?

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in the for htm.core, see the “Cite us” sectiion.

Cite us

We’re happy that you can use the community work in this repository or even join the development! Please give us attribution by linking to us as htm.core at GitHub - htm-community/htm.core: Actively developed Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) community fork (continuation) of NuPIC. Implementation for C++ and Python , and for papers we suggest to use the following BibTex citation:

	abstract = "Implementation of cortical algorithms based on HTM theory in C++ \& Python. Research \& development library.",
	author = "M. Otahal and D. Keeney and D. McDougall and others",
	commit = bf6a2b2b0e04a1d439bb0492ea115b6bc254ce18,
	howpublished = "\url{}",
	journal = "Github repository",
	keywords = "HTM; Hierarchical Temporal Memory; NuPIC; Numenta; cortical algorithm; sparse distributed representation; anomaly; prediction; bioinspired; neuromorphic",
	publisher = "Github",
	series = "{Community edition}",
	title = "{HTM.core implementation of Hierarchical Temporal Memory}",
	year = "2019"

Note: you can update the commit to reflect the latest version you have been working with to help making the research reproducible.



thanks a lot

Excuse me; this is my last question. Please tell me how to reference the SDR Classifier and hot gym datasets in my article?

I do not know where the data set comes from other than it was “real data from a gym in Australia”. Check out the video that Matt made about it:
Sorry I cannot be more helpful.