Installation Error on Windows nupic

I was trying to install nupic with Python 3.6.5, running the following command:
pip install nupic

but ran into the following error:

Collecting unittest2==0.5.1 (from nupic)
Using cached unittest2-0.5.1.tar.gz
Complete output from command python egg_info:
Traceback (most recent call last):

      File "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp\pip-build-hjqcyuop\unittest2\unittest2\", line 92
        except Exception, e:
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

How is this fixed? At the package end?

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If you look at the dependencies of nupic you’ll see that it requires Python 2.7.
The Python 3 syntax for that is except Exception as e, but I think you’ll probably face more issues once that’s solved.

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Thanks Ariel.

I had incorrectly assumed Python 3.6 would allow the program to run. I have now installed it correctly with Python 2.7.

Do you know if there are any plans to make NuPIC compatible with the latest version of Python?
Python 3.6 has been the current version for 8 years