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My name is David Duckworth and I am a full stack developer (20+ years) with most dev lately being in TypeScript/JavaScript and React. I have been following Numenta and Jeff for almost 10 years and have studied neuroscience and AI in general for almost 20 years. Look forward to contributing!


Hi David! Thanks for joining and also thanks for following me on Twitch. :slight_smile:


Hey there @David_Duckworth welcome, glad to have you here.

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Hi everyone!

My name’s Jeremy and I’ve recently started learning about the HTM theory after seeing Jeff give a talk at my university. I’m currently a cognitive neuroscience master’s student exploring virtual reality navigation through human intracranial recordings of the hippocampus. My work leans heavily on using ML for feature decoding. I’m excited for the prospect of applying brain-inspired ML to brain data and hope to apply some of the HTM learning algorithms to my intracranial EEG data.

Jeff pointed out during his talk that theory is a major bottleneck in neuroscience which really sparked my interest. I sometimes hang out in Matt’s twitch streams, and hope to become more active in the community.

Thanks :smiley:


Welcome @JSaal! In case you’d like to get specific about your data and objectives we can help you hone NuPIC to them.

Welcome! @JSaal


I’m Lucas. Like everyone here, I read Jeff’s book many years ago, and it was truly inspiring for me - from all the popular neuroscience books I was reading at the time, I just felt that this was the closest to the true answer. I’ve been following Jeff and Numenta ever since.

My background is on data science and machine learning. My latest research was on accelerating deep reinforcement learning in multiagent scenarios through experience sharing. I’m currently a member of the research team at Numenta, focusing on applying HTM principles to address the flaws of traditional machine learning algorithms and push the state of the art.

One of the things I most admire about Numenta is this amazing community, so I feel proud to be a part of it. I’m chronically shy on social media platforms (my last facebook post is from 2015), but I am trying to improve on this, so please forgive me if I don’t contribute much in the forums. I do read a lot of the discussions, which I find extremely interesting and thought provoking. I learned a lot from you and I hope to continue learning in the coming years.

I am very open to collaboration, exchanging ideas and projects, so please feel free to reach me through here, my email (lsouza at numenta dot com) or drop by any time for some coffee. And I hope we can meet soon in one of the community meetups.


Howdy all!
I’m Mark Brown, I have been a Data Engineer working in Santa Barbara CA for the past 10 years. I actually live in Gilbert AZ now though.
I ended up here from an article on doing ML in Snowflake, which sounds awesome and I am excited to check it out.


Hi @lucasosouza, great to meet you at last night’s event, and I’m excited to see some ML applications emerge.

Hi @mark_brown, thanks for reading my medium article and happy to hear it brought you here. I hope you don’t get mistaken for @Bitking too often!


I am Mark Browne - clearly different.
Or Bitking, less to get wrong.

Welcome Mark Brown.


Thanks, yeah there are a lot of Mark Browns out there.
I have the markbrown gmail address and it has had an interesting history of emails I get and take over attempts.


Oh cool, I’m in SB now finishing my degree! Where do you work?

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I’m an IT guy with a background in database and compilers. Very strong C/C++, C#. Also ASM, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, JS, most languages. Also medicine, music, electronics, game dev.

Business owner and investor (one of my companies sold software for Palm devices, now looking at potential investment in AI/ML). I think Jeff and I would get on fine!

See Github, SO.


Welcome @david.pfx! with enough aussies, eventually we can hold a HTM hackers hangout in AEST :grin:

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We’re a bit thin on the ground so far, and you’re 1000km from here, so get-togethers are going to be a bit virtual I think.

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hi all

I am Trung from VietNam. I am looking for something new in anomaly detection and finally i found this HTM. I want to study more about this subject. I hope i can discuss, help and get helps to and from the current members.

Thank you very much.


Hello! This is Kiran Narasimha. I have been curious about Artificial Intelligence for a few years now. Though I broadly agree with Jeff’s views on Intelligence being about Prediction I have begun to question this and now believe Intelligence could be part creation itself. As in something about the brain heart combination making things happen rather than only predicting. I am also interested in the philosophical angle and also identifying causality as the core aspect of intelligence. So my interests go beyond HTM and the Thousand Brain theory to if so what caused that in the first place. To put it simply I’m looking for a much simpler theory of intelligence. And I’m tinkering on those lines.


Hi! Me name’s Mark of the Philippines.

I am a machine learning newbee, embedded software engineer, electronic hobbyist and a father of 3.
It all started when I was looking for references on teaching machines about concept of things after realizing that deep learning is narrow and most of the time I have limited dataset at hand when doing training.

Unlike other company, Numenta open-sourced their research findings and I am very thankful that I found materials that I can start to work on. Plus the idea of a framework is really exciting.

I am now reading Numenta’s papers and watching videos like HTM School, etc. to learn this exciting theory and I am hoping that, like the leaders and members of this company, I can contribute on innovating this idea and give humanity a better world.

Best regards,


Hello everyone, I am Teng Jiek See and I am from Australia. I am currently studying chemistry and pharmacology in my undergraduate degree but I am also passionate about other subjects such as mathematics, computer sci and phy as well. Right now, I am developing ways to tackle the one/few shot learning problem in the Monash University because I think it is one of the most defining feature of any intelligent entity such as us.

I heard about HTM when I was watching some AI youtube channels and I decided to explore more about it since the vision of HTM matches with mine. Overall, I can’t wait to learn more about this theory and see if we can work together to create a true machine intelligence.


Merhaba everyone! I’m Toprak.

I live in Turkey. I’m a medical student in his 4th year. I’ve been interested in computers in programming since my age of 13 and I always kept that passion within me. I code in python and interested in data science (as to work with EEG/EMG data). I plan to develop myself on neuroscience, so HTM as a concept and product is very interesting to me. Currently I study brain-computer interfaces and brain oscilations on the side, but cracking the mystery out of human brain would be the utmost achievement for me.

At first when I was researching and reading about artificial intelligence, well unsuprisingly, I found out about deep learning and all those frameworks that come with it. Studied some time, trained myself a bit, and developed some deep learning models with python. I used DL to classify EEG data. It was just one application and I’m still a novice in all this, that was huge to me. But to be fair, deep learning seemed to miss the whole point of “strong intelligence” or “intelligence as a whole”. Even before finding HTM, I thought about that a lot. Now I found HTM and am very excited about it.

I found HTM on some youtube recommended video which I do not remember at the moment. It was mentioned as “alternative to deep learning”. Then I digged down and found out that’s the exact thing I was looking for. Just ordered Jeff Hawkins’ book “On Intelligence”. Hope I’ll have time to study deeper to understand amazing work you’ve done. Cheers!