Matt is live streaming on Twitch regularly


Does anyone have a Twitch account?

I’m testing out it’s live steaming capability, and I want to see how hard it is to take questions over chat, or loop in other callers or video streamers like we do in our hackers’ hangouts.

If interested, create a twitch account and see if you can see my live stream, or join chat or whatever. I’m new to this platform and also I’m over 40 so it’s hard for understand new technologies.

HTM Chat (again) this time on Discord
Live Numenta research meetings on Twitch
Live Numenta research meetings on Twitch

So it seems like the videos will be saved for 14 days, then they disappear (unless I pay for an account, which could be an option later). So you can see that the “live stream” is offline above, but you can see find the archived video here temporarily.

It is not really worth watching, I was just talking to myself and testing things out.

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No way!


I did two live streams today just for fun and to test out Twitch. I think this might be a viable platform for group education. I’m thinking about live-streaming some technical projects I’ll be working on in the future. I wonder if anyone is interested in something like this?


Put out something with HTM doing useful things on unity and you will be putting it in front of the right audience on twitch.

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You are almost young enough to be my grandson. So I guess I should not feel intimidated when I am having problems with this stuff :wink:


Any reason to ditch Youtube streaming? That way people can watch old streams and learn from them.


I’m not confident that Google Hangouts / YouTube Live are going to continue working the way they work today. I need to be ready with an alternative.

There are options to save archives of all the videos, but you have to buy a subscription. If it proves useful, I will do this.

I also may end up using Twitch for something completely different.


Maybe stream on Twitch and then publish the video on sites like PeerTube? Should be an cost-effective solution. Just saying.

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I don’t mind paying a small subscription fee so I don’t have to do this. :slight_smile:

That brings up another question… is Twitch available in China?

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I don’t live in China. I’m not effected by the GFW in Taiwan. :stuck_out_tongue:
A quick search shows that it is blocked. (Also all Google services are)


I know, but you are the closest person I know :stuck_out_tongue:. Thanks for checking for me!


I googled and it claims that the GFW is not a factor in Hong Kong & Macau for now.
But it could be in the future.

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I’ll be live-streaming again today at 1PM (an hour from now) on the topic of 2D Object Recognition Project. I have some thoughts and I am really trying to test Twitch out. Hopefully see some of you then. If you create a twitch account you can chat directly with me while I’m online. I saw @riccro on one of my videos. :smiley:


I was watching for a while.
I did try to login.
Seems that my old password did not work and when I asked for a reset I never got the email link to do so.


Oh, that’s the presence I felt. ;-).

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I am live now setting up Unity3d.

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Blocked at work.
Also on our wifi for the phones.
Not burning a lot of data for this for a background monitor task.


Sorry! Just finished up bumbling around Unity tutorials. Not sure it is worth watching, but I managed to create some cubes.


Do the unity tutorials.
The Unity tutorials are fast and well designed.
I was as lost as you seemed to be until that point; then it all started to make sense.

On your comment on C#, think of it as regular C++ with a very different library.
C# is mostly C++ syntax that compiles to byte code that executes on the .net engine.
It feels a lot to me as if I was writing in managed Java; a lot of stuff is done for you.
If you know .net it should go pretty well.