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@rhyolight, there was a network connection problem at some point. I don’t know where it came from, but apparently other users noticed I too.

I waited a while for the connection to come back on, but apparently I had to refresh my browser for that to happen. I missed about ten minutes due to that. So this is a tip for next time.

Also, I googled how to use Python in Unity. There are some third party tools that seem to allow it. But there is also this free 3D editor/ game dev environment called Blender that uses Python natively I think.

Blender also has a large extremely enthusiastic user-base. Maybe some of those people would be interested in looking into HTM through Blender. (Just a thought. I don’t know nor use Blender).


I dabble in blender.
LIke unity - it has a steep learning curve.
After all this time using it I keep finding new things it can do.

I don’t think that it is a good a gaming or multi-user platform as unity.
Deployment of your finished package across a wide variety of platforms seems easier in unity.

Yes, your models can be tied to code.

If python is your thing Blender has a definite edge.


Thanks. (I don’t know either, so I’ll try to learn whichever you guys decide on using).

On a bit of a sidenote, how is this interface supposed to run? Is the complete HTM part going to be executed from within Unity (or Blender), or is there a way to interface between the Python interpreter running HTM and the 3D modeler to display the results?

Or can the interface (developed in Unity or Blender) be run as a standalone program and take inputs from a separate program like the Python interpreter?


I guess that it really comes down to figuring out what it is you want to do and setting up the best architecture to support that model.
BTW: Both blender and Unity support object and spatial modeling, reporting position of moving objects, reporting object collision, and real world physics. (Inertia/momentum, gravity, kinematics) Both are capable of being a model of and an interface to a virtual world.


I am live-streaming now, while I’m catching up on HTM Forum conversations. Join if you feel like chatting.


I just came across this open-source engine called Godot. It’s very small and apparently very capable. This video (by a very enthusiastic vlogger) shows off some demo’s. Apparently it has a built-in scripting language based on python.


Ok, I am going to stop posting here whenever I stream on Twitch. All the important videos will be archived on this youtube playlist, so you don’t even have to use Twitch to see the videos.


I changed my mind, and I will be posting on this thread every time I live stream on Twitch, which will be often. You know how to mute this thread if you need to.

Oh yes, I am streaming now while I respond to forum comments.