No header files copied after building htmresearch-core

Please note that I know there is no support for this repository!
But I’d like to report this inconvenience by building htm-research-core and use it with C++ applications, at least in my Ubuntu.
By building htmresearch-core, it downloads automatically nupic.core and builds the libraries (fine!).
Unfortunately, after “make install” no header files of the nupic.core are copied into somewhere of the htmresearch-core folder.
In C++ application we need the header files of nupic.core, but they do not exist.
We need a mechanism for automatically copying the header files of nupic.core after building too.

The inconvenience is that we have to clone “nupic.core”, to build it again, have to insert include file…

It is very nice if someone takes care about it, because I am not expert with cMake …