Numenta turns attention to The Thalamus!

I have been touting the “three visual streams” paper for a while now.
The Deepleabra model does about as good of a job as any in showing how the thalamus interacts with the cortex, with the “three streams” paper being a masterwork for showing the model doing useful work.

The Thalamus and layer 5 do the heavy lifting in the feedback direction.

The Deepleabra predictive model is compatible with the HTM model and I can see them co-existing in the same system. In fact - there is much to like about two entirely different predictive models working together; I think that Mr. O’Reilly could learn a thing or two from the HTM model in the feed-forward direction.

It is a hard read but if you make it through you should have a good idea of how the “double-ended” hierarchy works to guide learning for a rapid convergence to an internal model.