"Research" Repository - The road ahead?


@God @Rhyolight @LastAnAnswer?,


In the past I understood the projected workflow to be:

  1. Work on cool stuff and put it into Research until thoroughly tested…
  2. Migrate thoroughly tested and Mother Approved code back into NuPIC proper.
  3. Watch implementors freakout by the implied effort required to update their code to the latest.
  4. Wipe the sweat from Future-AGI’s brow and reassure her that her birth will be well received!

Now I’m wondering if there is any word on plans to re-integrate Research back into NuPIC? Is there any code in NuPIC which is confidently projected to be part of the future codebase? Has @jhawkins figured out his answer to what is the meaning of life?



Obviously… 42.


I’d say we are still on #1 above. How that code gets implemented into something useful is yet to be seen. I still suspect it will eventually get back into NuPIC, especially if we decide to start building applications again based upon our research in sensorimotor representation.