SDR theoretical properties and HTM

Since you bring up the global level and hierarchy, I am very interested in this high-level representations.

I have asked this before and did not get any response.

Assume that it’s a given that much object recognition is done at the macro-column level exactly as proposed by the 1000 brain model.

The map-2-map connections have been mapped out and there does seem to be a theme of paths splitting, skipping, and recombining.

What is happening as the representation courses up what is usually called the hierarchy?

Does Numenta have a theory on this that helps shape understanding of the environment that the 1000 brain model is part of?

An example - plugging in the 1000 brain model in to the known visual path from V1 forward - there are well known learning and activation patterns that result from visual stimulation. Has the 1000 brain model progressed where it can explain these observed patterns?

The “three streams” paper applied the Deep Leabra model to this problem with some success.