Showcasing Demo

We have programmed a robot that calculates the traveling path from it’s source to destination using the A* algorithm. Then the robot uses HTM to memorizes multiple such paths (with a semantic annotation for each of such path). Thus just by mentioning annotation name as a hint, the robot can retrieve its learned path and can traverse that path.
Can you please suggest a good platform (like conferences/hackathons) where we can showcase this demo? Thanks.


A good question, and I’m not sure how to answer. If someone wants to show off their HTM application at a conference, which one should they submit to? I think you’ll need to investigate some different contexts in which this demo would be interesting. Here are some ideas.

Did you implement your own HTM? If so, what language / environment? Look for conferences or hackathons focused on tools or programs in that environment. If you are using specialized tools within the environment, sometimes there are conferences dedicated to those tools (I’m thinking numpy or react, etc).

Look for some AI conferences focused on robotics, path integration, or even cutting edge technology.