What to pay attention to during TMS/tDCS procedures?

Tomorrow I’m going to participate as a volunteer in an experiment where some part of my motor cortex (don’t know which exactly) will be subjected to TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation). Few weeks later I’ll probably participate in another experiment, this time involving my visual cortex, TMS and tDCS (transcranial direct-current stimulation)

I’ve read On Intelligence, Numenta’s recent scientific papers, watched HTM school e.t.c., so I already have some thoughts regarding the subj question, but I’m sure that my understanding of the topic is worse than that of people from this form, so I want to ask you to suggest me anything that you think would be interesting to pay attention to during this procedures

P.S.: hope I won’t get into a placebo group :slight_smile:


Most of the subjective reports that I have read focus on the effects on the external structures - muscles. This is associated with discomfort when applied to the front parts of the head.

I am interested in anything you can offer in how you feel it affected your cognitive processes. Is it even possible to tell if there is any effect?

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