When people need to turn 180 degrees do they have a preference on rotation directions?

So I was trying to make an small maze navigation agent project. . . And there are some fundamental behaviors like turning left or right. Anyway, in order to face toward an object that is exactly behind it, it will need to turn 180 degrees.

Then I was wondered how would people do it. Will people follow their writing hand? Like if someone is right handed he or she will prefer to turn clockwise. Or do people turn randomly?


One particular case is when you walk close to a wall or fence. We are more likely to turn 180 degrees with the back towards the nearby wall.
We probably prefer the richer visual content of what we can see while looking away from the wall. The wall is also predictable and “safer”

EDIT: Also when we walk we don’t just stop and turn 180 degrees on spot. We turn on one feet so we make a small circle arc. That shifts our body slightly towards the turn. Which further enforce avoiding turning towards the side where we might hit something or someone.