A Thousand Brains space travel and pharmaceutical effects

After reading about ‘The Thousand Brains Theory’ I noticed there was one vast area that wasn’t discussed in the book. If AGI is out there traveling through space one day and doing it’s thing etc. It will be landing on planets most likely to host life (at least at some point). On Earth there are many plants and fungi that are psychoactive/psychedelic. If humans have provided AGI with certain goals and they then are exposed to different plants on other planets that are psychoactive, in any way, how will that affect AGI?

Iam not a neuroscientist. Just an avid fan of this research. I know that psilocybin creates dendritic spikes in the brain.
DMT (the base tryptamine of several psychedelics was recently shown to shut down certain higher level functioning centers of the brain). Which seems counter-intuitive as a one time user of DMT.

I think we should consider the medicinal, psychoactive, and potentially poisonous plants AGI may discover. Perhaps some could be used as medicine, and some as defense?
What about AGI switching goals? Taking a different evolutionary path? Or can we control that?

This topic is vast and there are many questions to be asked here.

Not something thats easy to discuss with my average friends so I am happy this forum exists.