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Hello friends, I ran into a problem when using RDSE: RDSE always returns the same index value no matter what value. code show as below:

The index of the first value of each loop is the same, although the values are different and I don’t know why?

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Are the indices of the the 2nd values in each loop the same?

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No, it isn’t. I have run multiple rounds of loops with a few values per round. The first value at the beginning of each round is different, but the resulting index values are the same. The code is very simple, but the result is strange!

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And in one round of loops, different value result the same index. The 2nd and 3td values are different, but the index is the same, shown as below:

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The fact that the first bits are same for each value does not surprise me. It’s the way the RDSE works. It starts in a place, and expands as needed. If you change the random number seed, each RDSE will start with a different representation.

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