Adding Auto ARIMA to NAB detectors

I was hoping to try add an auto arima detector to the NAB/nab/detectors.

I was going to use pip install pyramid-arima

However i’m getting some dependencies issues in my Pipfile.

Does anyone know of any work where others have added additional detectors to the NAB that i might try use as a sort of template to learn more about extending it.

My ultimate goal is to try build some sort of detector based on LSTM-AD similar to the approach in here
I know its kinda not quite apples to apples in LSTM-AD not really being an online approach.

So i guess my question is also partly about ways to maybe somehow include offline type approaches in NAB as well.

Some info below.

But any suggestions or ideas on any of this is much appreciated.


Here is my Pipfile:

url = ""
verify_ssl = true
name = "pypi"

nupic = "*"
jupyterlab = "*"
matplotlib = "*"
pandas = "==0.20.3"
simplejson = "==3.11.1"
pyramid-arima = "*"


python_version = "2.7"

Here is the error i am getting - i’m not really sure where its coming from:

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