Amazing brain images

I wonder how many of you have seen these images?

Human brain - Incredible Images from Mike Adams

This is an actual wiring diagram of the brain - 500,000 representative neurons transcribed from microscope images and etched onto a gold plate - 3.m * 2.5m (10’ * 8’) in saggital view through one eye - you can see the eye lower left. Done by an artist!

The most extraordinary aspect of this image (for me) is the number of connections from the emotion centres to the pre-frontal cortex. Given the memory-prediction hypothesis, I’m wondering if the neocortex treats emotional inputs exactly like a sense?

That would explain curious medical conditions such as V.S.Ramachandran’s patient that identified his mother as “that looks like my mother but it is not my mother”. That patient had damage in the connection between the neocortex and the emotion centres.

Regards Mike

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