An alternative method to model an SP

As I continuously learn and use the SP and TM I realized an alternative method to model an SP at least mentally or intuitively. I would like to share a quick overview of this method which is basically using a Deterministic Finite Automaton or DFA to further draw conclusions about an SP’s state. I find this method relatively easy to keep a mental model with and robust as well.

The overview is at

Please feel free to correct or comment.


Is it an alternative method to implement the SP?

I’ve been struggling with implementing the SP here.

Sorry no its an alternative method to model (describe, interpret, or introspect) an SP.

@sherif7810 I would suggest you open a topic and explain the problems you’ve encountered while implementing an SP, I’m sure a lot of members will be able to help you.

I did.
I’m also waiting for to include the SP.

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