Anamoly detection in geospatial tracking using nupic

the below attached path is same path in opposite directions. but both paths are not same. in 1st image some part of starting is missing and same with 2nd image. I have used gpsies to generate path. can anyone solve my problem.

in below screenshots path is same on two successive days and same time. but it is showing some part as green some part as red. on the second day I made data from first day with change of date
Screenshot%20(33) Screenshot%20(34)

For your first question, if the question is “why is the 2nd path anomalous?” The answer is because it has never seen either sequence of points before. The first path, in reverse, is a completely new sequence of points. So it makes sense that anomalies would be high.

For your 2nd question, it gets green as it realizes that it is on a familiar path.

this is another path same secenario as above but it becomes green on the second time itself.why?

by using gpsies website for navigating route .As you can see I cant display whole path some path at starting is missing.why?

I really need more information before I can help you. I’m not even sure what you are asking. What are you expecting to happen?