Anomality score / likehood after model load


One question to the community about bit strange behaviour for my anomality detector. I use cron to kick model run on new batch of data instead of continious run. I noticed that likehood goes to 0.5 after first model load (OPF used). Is there any restriction or special parameterization for HTM model save/load in part of anomality detecting?

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The AnomalyLikelihood is not serialized as part of a NuPIC model when you save it. However, you can pickle it when you save the model. When you load the model again, load the anomaly likelihood and continue using it.

Thanks a lot for the fast reply. I just noticed that AnomalyLikehood is an own variable and realized it was kind of stupid question. Anyways, it might help other newbies.

No, not at all! It is not evident.