Application of HTM for automobile telemetry data

Hi, everyone.

A customer of ours wishes to analyze the telemetry data which comes in from the IoT devices gathering telemetry information (vibration, speed, acceleration, noise level, etc.) from his cars.

Question: did anyone see any papers or websites describing such solutions?
I just need to know if real cases exist.



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Depends on what sort of analysis you want to do (does it have to involve machine learning or will you use stats/data mining/traditional traffic engineering algorithms). Where will the analysis happen? Will it happen on the vehicle IoT device or in a central server?

It shouldn’t be too hard to setup a pipeline that includes nupic (or other tools like scipy/sklearn) if they already have the data.

That said, I’ve got some telemetry data (from OBD (speed, rpm, MAF etc.) joined with GPS, this data will be private for confidentiality reasons). Eventually I’ll probably try to detect anomalous traffic flow in a spatiotemporal sense. ie. if we look at a sequence of telemetry data on a stretch of road(s):

  • Is the driving anomalous (in time and space)?
  • Does it indicate congestion?
  • Does it indicate an incident? (this is hard without more up to date data than I currently have)
  • Compare to existing ITS algorithms for congestion/incident detection for probe vehicles

PhD thesis and papers coming soon™


There are two real world use cases for vehicle data. I saw these two below are computed
at the edge box (in the car). So algorithms are running in at the edge box computer. But it will be
a good practice applying HTM algorithms onto these. If someone need data set, we can provide by the way.

  1. Eco driving
  2. Driving safety

These two use cases above finally compose a driver score which will be used for a “Hall of Fame” in a country in which all driver scores are computed and published. In the end this list will be used in insurance domain while evaluating driver scores and insurance bills are computed according to these.

Bugra Cakir


There is Ukrainian startup with a working solution in this sphere - they are using data from a mobile device in a car to detect quality of the road and apply this info to a map to build a better route.
I can share their contacts - perhaps you can find some common ground.

HI,can you provide the vehicle data ?
e-mail:, thank you very much!

I think we can use HTM to monitor data getting from car senssor to predict and detect anomaly so that help the car owners can maintain or fix asap.