Brain Building - Q1. Define Intelligence (Wrap-up)

A wrap-up from my previous post to summarize what I have learned from others before I bring up the next question for my brain building journey.

Thanks for over 90 replies I have learned a lot especially from the paper published by Francois Chollet. And I have revised my “Define Intelligence” as follows:

Learning from Francois Chollet’s paper and also first hand from the replies to my post, the objective now is not trying to get everyone to agree what intelligence is. But instead the objective is to have a fundamental list of elements to satisfy the most basic form of intelligence as a guideline for me to build a simulation for the starter brain. The simulation of the starter brain can form the basis to evolve to a more complicated one in the future with eventual goal to match the human intelligence. But for now, the full focus is on building the simplest form first.

Define Intelligence
Based on various feedback and a lot of study, my conclusion on the definition of intelligence for the objective on building the simplest software simulation of a brain is the ability to learn, adapt, and decide in extreme generation.

In order to establish a more refined guidelines for the development, I further break the definition down to the following fundamental list of abilities:

  1. Receives real-time input from sensory inputs
  2. Forms memories (Learn)
  3. Derives new associative memories (Learn)
  4. Performs prediction and compares with incoming inputs. (Learn, Adapt)
    a) When prediction is the same as the incoming input, strengthens existing memories
    b) When prediction is different than the incoming input, weakens existing memories and forms new memories based on the incoming input
  5. Makes decision based on the strength of the consensus of the existing memories

I used memories in plural to emphasize similar types of inputs will be recorded as multiple memories.

I think for now this list is a decent guideline for myself. I will prepare the next question on brain building to focus on the basic biological element as the building block for the simulation.

Thanks everyone for your help. With my first post hitting over 90 replies is really encouraging and I am very confident I can get a lot of help in this forum. Thanks!

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