Broken: numenta/nupic.regression#858 (master - 4d50f04)

Build Update for numenta/nupic.regression

Build: #858
Status: Broken

Duration: 39 minutes and 18 seconds
Commit: 4d50f04 (master)
Author: numenta-ci
Message: Automated update of nupic master sha to 993324d10cc590b04a0e723fdc601812ccd59d8d.

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This is a legit regression test failure. Here is the changeset that caused the failure:

@alavin Can you look into this please?

Dammit! I hit the wrong button and accidentally restarted the regression build. So we’ll have to wait for it to fail again before we can see the test failure. But hopefully you’ll be able to replicate the failure by running the regression tests locally.

I’m on it, thanks Matt.

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Please correct me if I’m wrong @rhyolight, but the current NAB regression test just compares two jsons, and doesn’t actually run the NuPIC detector on NAB – i.e., not really testing anything… :confused:

It certainly looks that way. An intern wrote that test last year. If you think it should be doing more, I would love to get some more regression tests written.

Okay, definitely will need a redo then… tracking it here. Thanks.