Can someone explain the motivation behind the Spatial Pooler?

I am looking for an explanation of the SP, and the main motivation behind the concept?
if you have only two bullets/paragraphs to describe it. how you going to do this…

Here is how I’ve tried to introduce it in BHTMS:

Spatial Pooling is a process that extracts semantic information from input to provide a controlled space to perform further operations. Additionally, input is converted into a sparse distributed representation (SDR), which provides further computational benefits (citation needed). Even though information is lost during this transformation, stability is gained and semantics are preserved through redundancy.

Regarding the “motivation” behind it, well, it is a discovery, not in invention. It is motivated by evolution, as a way to take the chaotic input to the cortex from sensors and sample it in a controlled way.


One sentence:
A format converter to SDR format.


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