Cannot install NuPIC on Windows 10

Installed new version of Python (3.7)
Cloned NuPIC repo.
Ran ‘python .\ develop’
After a lot of downloads, this error:

File “C:\Users\david\AppData\Local\Temp\easy_install-t8rdcs56\torch-0.1.2.post2\”, line 77, in run
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘tools.cwrap’

No, I can’t find that piece of source code. It seems to have been deleted from the temp location.
No, I can’t find any mention of this error or this module on web search.
Yes, it’s absolutely reproducible. I did it all twice, identical results.

So what do I try now?

NuPIC is python 2.7 only. :frowning_face:

Thanks. That should be in the README, don’t you think? I’ll raise an issue.

So I repeated the exercise with python 2.7 and almost immediately got this error:
ImportError: cannot import name find_namespace_packages

AFAIK ‘find_namespace_packages’ is a python3 feature, isn’t it? At least on my installation it exists in 3.7 and not in 2.7.

It is extremely difficult to get Nupic.core to run under windows (any version).

Try using the community version htm.core at
It works with Python3 and with windows 10 using MSVC 2017 or 2019 compilers. See the Readme.

This repository is being actively supported, the Nupic.core is not.

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I got it to build OK, but it failed the tests: undocumented dependency on USER variable (issue raised).

But I’ll follow your suggestion. Community here we come!