Chaos/reservoir computing and sequential cognitive models like HTM

I think of the serial updates of HTM as roughly corresponding to the ~100 ms alpha wave cycles.
I think of the lateral voting within an area (TBT theory) as the ~10 to 25 ms gamma cycles.

The thalamus provides synchronization waves that allow various areas to fire in close harmony.
This primes the L2/3 connections between maps/areas to coordinate spike timing based learning.

For the details of how this activation spreads from one area to related ares in other maps see the blackboard description in the “three visual streams” paper.
“Anatomically, we hypothesize that the pulvinar nucleus of the thalamus plays the role of a projection screen where the predictions are represented (similar to Mumford’s (1991) blackboard conception). These predictions are generated every 100 msec (10 hz, alpha rhythm), collaboratively by the entire visual neocortex, conveyed to the pulvinar via extensive corticothalamic projections from cortical deep layers.”

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