Some questions about HTM theory

#Hello, HTM team
I am a Chinese machine learning researcher.
I have been dived into HTM for one month, and there still some doubt in my mind.
Firstly, are there any documents more detail than the white paper? I would like to read more mathmatical paper about the HTM.
Secondly, I have read a paper Pattern Recognition by Hierarchical Temporal Memory(Davide Maltoni,2011), and is it the entirely theory of HTM that from the numenta’s white paper?

Thanks so much in advance.

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Hi @YangCheng,

I believe you can find more detailed treatments here Research Papers. That is the link off of the main website, so you can find videos and other goodies there too!


Welcome @YangCheng

I have not read that paper but it is possibly very outdated compared to current HTM theory considering the publish date even if it followed the Numenta white paper at that time.

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Thanks @cogmission , It’s a nice place for me to do more research.

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Thanks @sunguralikaan, seems that I need to read the source code if I want to learn the HTM algorithm.

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Reading the code is good, but there is also this excellent Video series made by @rhyolight

HTM School

Here is some pseudocode from BAMI (work in progress) if you don’t want to read source:

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Thanks @rhyolight, Actually I have seen that pseudocode in the white paper, and I am looking forward to reading more mathematical documents about the theory.

Thanks @cogmission, Nice, numenta team makes me feel very friendly, thank you.


@YangCheng your welcome

You might look at this paper - there is a math description at the end:

This one has a similar description but more machine learning focused:

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Thanks @subutai .
I will make a deep research.

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