Temporal memory literature

Hey everyone =)

I am quite new to the HTM Theory.
Well, I read some papers from Numenta and, of course, watched the HTM School on YouTube (Thanks for that: Matt I love you :heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart:) to understand all the details.

Now I am wondering which Paper is the best to understand the temporal memory in depth.
I hope this is not a super annoying and stupid first comment in this forum.

Thank you all for your help :blush::mantelpiece_clock::brain:


Welcome to the community! (where did you come from?)

Definitely read Why Neurons Have Thousands Of Synapses, A Theory Of Sequence Memory In Neocortex.


Amazing :heart_eyes:
Thank you very much for the fast reply :blush:

I am from Germany.
I’m working on my masterthesis. It’s about anomaly detection for time series data.
Soooo probably, you will here more question from me in the next months :yum:


Happy to have you! But what I meant was, how did you find out about our work and the forum? I have material on YouTube and Twitch, just curious how people get here.

I was told by my supervisor about HTM that is one the hot topic in research field. And my curiosity i read a paper on HTM it was easy to understand bcz there are some similarity about the topic i was dealing(Reinforcement Learning). Thence i decided to deep on it… i am still struggle to come up with a good model(RL- HTM) hoping do not give up


Ahh I see :sweat_smile:
I thought you might be interested in my person :yum:

Well, similar to @Tresor: my supervisor told me about HTM. So I checked the internet and found HTM School on YouTube and the Papers on Numentas Homepage :blush:


I am also interested in you as a person! :wink: Thanks for providing me details, and I hope you found HTM Forum to be a friendly and informative place to learn.

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So far I do absolutely. Thank you very much for your help :blush:

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