Community Fork - CMake Enhancements and Package Management



Yes, Travis should be set up. If you have the time, I’d appreciate it - I haven’t done it before; otherwise, I’ll give it a go. You also mentioned AppVeyor - I’ll see to that, too.

The CLI project will fail without MSVC, I’m sure. This’ll break at the moment. What do you think should be done for that, with regard to CMake?

  • Separate CMake for each platform? Then you don’t see the unsupported projects (e.g., C#)…
  • Add it and let it break? Then you see it, but it breaks…
  • Separate… repository? I like this the least…

@David_Keeney Did you have any thoughts on that? I think you’re looking at the C++\CLI C# bindings. If so, is this inline with what you’re doing?

@chhenning Does this fit with your effort? Something like this would be ideal, I think, but what’s currently there might not fit exactly… yet. Might need some sort of intermediate compromise until we all get to a pure C++ core.


I’m fine with anything for now. We need to get the ball rolling! :slight_smile:


Ha! Agreed! Are you dropping your source into the fork? Is that the plan? I thought the initial effort was to move to Python3, which was what you had, I thought.

Or we start with this CMake and drop your bindings in. And @David_Keeney’s C++ Interop, if he’s got it.

@breznak You said you’re going to add tracking for what’s going on at the moment?

I’m looking at:

Issue: Switch to Python 3
Issue: Modular repo structure

I think a GitHub project board would be a nice way to capture these efforts, grouping all the issues together, prioritizing them.

But I’m with @chhenning. Let’s start rolling. I think we’re at looking at you for some initial direction.


I understood that @breznak was doing that. I think he was held up by a conference.

Yes, I’m on python 3. I’m in process of testing and patching. You can see in my repo that I’m committing.


It will be a while before the Cpp/CLI wrappers are ready to drop in. When it is I can provide a CMake that covers all of this new code.


An update, you can checkout and build
Thanks to @David_Keeney we now have a very clean and sophisticated CMake build, with added native support for MS Windows and Python 3 #futureproof