Nupic now has explicit dependency upon nupic.core

Good news! We have simplified nupic’s dependency on nupic.core by using an explicit public release version. Now we can just specify the version in nupic’s requirements.txt.

This will encourage us to have a swift and easy release cycle for nupic.core (which should be push-button easy once we finish setting up Bamboo releases), and we have done away with complicated logic to bind directly to a nupic.core SHA. This means:

  • no more automatic Updates nupic.core to latest SHA pull requests
  • no more .nupic_modules file
  • no need to store iterative build binaries on S3, and therefore
  • no need for complex build logic to find which nupic.core version to install
  • a much less complicated pipeline and code tree!

We still have some work to do before we shut down Travis-CI (and we’ll probably keep AppVeyor running until we get a Windows Bamboo agent). But @scott, @Austin_Marshall, @vkruglikov, and me are making constant progress.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks to the Numenta team for getting all our builds consolidated onto one system in a publicly accessible way!

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This has introduced an unintentional side-effect that affects the combined active development of nupic.core, nupic.bindings, and nupic, however. I’ve created an issue at and proposed a change at but believe it will require a formal change to the release process to future-proof the solution.

I have an update, including the plan of record in the new nupic issue: