Contextual Connections Between SDRs and Spatial Poolers

Must all encoded data be represented in a single SDR and then added to a single spatial pooler to have contextual linkage or is there a way to have independent (even overlapping) SDRs represented in a single spatial pooler? Or better yet, is there a way to link spatial poolers semantically?

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As far a linking SPs into larger patterns I have been promoting the work of William Calvin where he proposes organizing individual columns in a minor variation of the stock SP where the columns organize into a grid configuation.

The strong point of this mechanism is that local recognition of some bit of a larger pattern reinforces other columns if they are also recognizing some other part of the same larger pattern.

I would like to think that this links the individual columns if they are semantically related.

One of the by-products of this method is that large numbers of patterns can be intermingled and yet not interfere with each other. Cells that learn many patterns can also be re-used in many larger learned patterns.

Thank you! That sounds like exactly what I’m looking for… Down the next rabbit hole I go!

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