Cortical Learning Algorithm Spreadsheet Program

Hey all,

Sam here again. Last time I showed the basic flowcharts that I had developed, detailing how the algorithms work. Some changes are needed on those, specifically in the temporal memory, but in the mean time, here’s another simple tool.

This is a spreadsheet program that takes in certain variables (number of columns, data input bits, etc) and outputs the basic properties of the memory (number of segments, total number of cells, radius of segments, etc) and how much computer memory it would actually take to store the given properties. You just input how much memory is used for booleans (bits), ints, and doubles.

I’m sure someone has made something similar, but I like to make these things for myself in order to understand more. I would suggest people use it for quick calculations, if need be, and then try to make one for yourself so you know you understand it.

This is not for the NuPIC software, with regard to the number of bytes involved. I do not know how that system is structured, so I can’t vouch for it. Here’s an example:

Hope that’s not an unwieldy picture! I’ll put the spreadsheet in this github repo:

And the file is named: “HTMCLA Data Usage.ods”

Feel free to download, modify to your needs, add any parameters, etc. Just be careful with moving cells, since excel/libre can get confused easily.

Sam Gallagher