Dileep George's talk at HLAI conference in Prague

Dileep George spoke at the HLAI in Prague. He showed his understanding of the function of the six layers of the neo-cortex. It was very specific and detailed. Does anyone have references for Dileep’s theory of the neo-cortex.

He gave a wonderful example of the value of internal programs. Alice hammers a nail into the wall. Bob hammers a nail into the floor. Question: which nail is horizontal? In our mind’s eye we know the answer immediately using a quick pull from memory.

Also interesting was Marek Rosa’s talk Likewise he wants to learn/induce programs. He uses 100% non ANN techniques. Completely k-mean statistical learning over spacial and temporal data streams. His company GoodAI uses “Space Engineers” (availablle as a gaming product) as their training environment. It is the most complex environment I have ever seen used in AI training.

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There’s a paper on Hierarchical Compositional Networks here, I’m not sure if there is something broader than this available. It seems to form part of the approach to their Recursive Cortical Networks although I won’t pretend to be familiar with it.

I did notice that the Vicarious website is now fully oriented around robotics, so I guess that’s their domain focus now.