Embodied cognition : image schemas and such?

Have you guys watched George Lakoff and others videos or books.
How all the concepts and language expressions are constrained and described in the metaphors in a SPATIAL and TEMPORAL body terms.

Image schema: container

  • I went in the room
  • I took the apple out of the box
  • the keys are in the back pocket
  • if A is in B and B is in C then A is in C

other schemas : source-path-goal, support , ~20 of them

Then also language expressions are body-inspired :
warm up
cool down
i’m feeling down
i’m up beat

why not : warm down

The theory is very well summarized in this book : From Molecule to Metaphor: A Neural Theory of Language

The basic idea of image-schema on cognitive level, very much resembles grid-cell maps and spaces in the lower implementation level and Frames resemble reference-frames… i.e.

my theory goes : pooled sensory-motor sequences become image-schema.

what do you think…