Getting error when try to run the htm.core/py/htm/examples/


When I try to run the example given( in htm.core examples, it shows that (AttributeError: ‘AnomalyLikelihood’ object has no attribute ‘compute’)

This is the line of code that having the error

This sounds like an installation issue, are you sure that you’re working with a recent version of htm.core?
IIRC that function “compute” was added in the past year or two, so if you installed the library a long time ago then you should reinstall it by building it from source. Unfortunately we currently only have source installs available, not a pypi distribution.

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When I tried reinstalling it by building it from the source, I got this error.

This sequence of steps has worked for me, is this what you tried?

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 8.17.52 AM

I would add one more step…
If you had a previous failed build, either re-clone the repository or delete the ‘build’ folder before attempting another build.