Has anyone given thought to the biological layout of a SDR vector?

Hello, have any of you given any thought to the physical layout of a SDR in biology? Would it be stripe, a square or a circular thing?

Interested to hear any theories you might have about the physical layout of a SDR in biology.

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Probably lateral row for the simple case, but for general case it can be all over the place in small region.
The question is how do you find the boundaries ? to decide is it 2000 or 5000 bits!

And may be you can have SDR within SDR !? And also how do you distinguish which firings are the SDR and which are inhibition or other activities !?

Yes it is interesting. Extra interesting when you consider the fact that if a adjacent area is inactive, some of it’s parts can be taken by active areas. (For example blindness and such).

@Franky Checkout the videos here from the Blue Brain Project. The last two videos on this page are close to biological SDRs in my opinion. https://bbp.epfl.ch/nmc-portal/videos