Hotgym with dateTime/dayTime as distal input?

I wonder why hotgym does not use Datetime encoding input as distal input to TM. Now it just takes Consumption and Datetime and mix it together for SP proximal input. Distal connections are only between cells in TM.

It makes very much more sense to me,that we try to view incoming consumption in the context of time. Consumption activates minicolumns; datetime(&previous TM state) makes predictions by activating cells.

Note: Not only hotgym but also NAB detector works this way.

If it would be otherwise, is there any problem with that? I struggle to find anything about that, kindly asking to point me in right direction.


In practice it sounds like you’d have 2 regions, one representing Consumption and the other representing Datetime. The distal segments would be formed only from cells in the Consumption region to cells in the Datetime region, right?

Under this system sequential context is only coming from the Datetime, so the prior Consumption values would have no voice in providing context to predictions of Consumption. It seems this system could work just as well in settings like hot gym where Consumption is naturally linked to Datetime – since the gym-goers have work schedules to follow.

The potential weakness therefor would be scenarios where that link isn’t as solid, where the behavior of Consumption (/whatever non-time field) would change and become more about its own recent behavior than what time/day it is. I’d be curious to see a comparison.