How do I implement boosting in my own version of HTM?

Each column has these variables: activeDutyCycles, boostFactor and overlapScore.

While the region has this variable: dutyCycles

I’d like to implement the method updateBoostFactors for all columns before I compute their overlap scores.

This is from another post:

I don’t really know what the exp[] function does, what is boostStrength nor how targetDensity is mixed in there.

Any help simplifying this is greatly appreciated.

Not sure if this helps, but summarizing some of the definitions:

exp is the exponential function, which is defined as e^x, where e is a mathematical constant called Euler’s number, approximately 2.718281. This value has a close mathematical relationship with pi and the slope of the curve e^x is equal to its value at every point. numpy.exp() calculates e^x for each value of x in the input.

boostStrength is used to control the strength of boosting. No boosting is applied if it is set to 0 (from the function, you can see that e^x would be 0). And boosting increases exponentially as a function of boostStrength.

targetDensity is (number of active minicolumns per inhibition area) / (inhibition area). Density is related to sparsity (technically they are opposites, but frequently in HTM you will see folks use them interchangeably)

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I’m sure it was just a mistake but…
That’s the wrong identity.
The \exp function transforms the additive group into the multiplicative group.
0 is the identity of the additive group and hence, \exp(0) = 1, the identity of the multiplicative group.
e^x here equals to e^0 and thus it would be 1.
Otherwise you’re completely right! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Some people say it’s the other way around.
Exponentiation was originally thought of as just multiplying some number by itself n times.
But then the Taylor expansion of \exp came along and the e^x convention has changed to become the notation for this infinite polynomial.
(Similarly, a^x = \exp(x\ln(a)))


Haha, of course, anything to power 0 is 1 (been too long out of school, starting to forget everything…) Hopefully the rest of what I wrote is correct.