How HTM predict peaks in a simple pattern

Hello there! I’m new in HTM, so I want to undersand this approach in a simple examples.I have generated simple pattern with numbers from 0 to 100 with step 1 repeated 10 times. It’s looks like saw. Then I add to this data two random peaks.

Next, I did swarm and created a predict model. But I don’t understand, how HTM predict this two peaks?

So, when I use this model for outliers prediction, this peaks isn’t labes as anomaly.

Blue line is the data, green line is the predicted data, red crosses is the predicted outliers.

What is my mistake?


It looks like NuPIC’s predictions are not shifted for plotting. See my comments here and here.

Also, NuPIC is not going to perform well on very structured input. It will do better with lots of noisy input.