How to get NuPIC running on Windows

Hi All,

So I’m trying to get NuPIC running on Windows 10 and running into issues:

1) After running swarm_description I get the following error when trying to run swarm:
ImportError: No module name DBUtils
I followed the MySQL install instructions as shown on the wiki:
MySQL setup for NuPIC;

For this last bullet here’s what I updated to:

!-- database credentials, used for swarming –

description>Name of the machine running the MySQL database server

description>Username for the MySQL database server

name>nupic.cluster.database.port value>3306 description>Port number for the MySQL database server

description>Password for the MySQL database server

description>Suffix to place at the end of each database name.

2) When running the command prompt instructions (just about the MySQL instructions), the command:
python -c "from nupic.bindings.math import Random; print Random().getUInt64();"
gives an error: no module name math

3) After pip installing nupic I try ‘import nupic’ in python and it does work, but then if I try nupic.bindings I’m told that: ‘module’ has no attribute ‘bindings’

I know there are pieces missing here, and if anyone has any instincts on what I might be doing wrong that’d be awesome!! Thanks,

– Sam

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Judging from #2 and #3 above, NuPIC is not installed properly. Windows support is still experimental, and certainly hard to debug. You might get some help by looking at our Windows build file, which contains computer instructions for setting up dependencies.

As far as I can tell, you’re missing the nupic.bindings package, which is a separate package from nupic, itself. You will need to install it, first. describes how we build HTM Studio for Windows, which is a bit of a process that includes bundling nupic, pip, and other dependencies with a standalone distribution of python before bundling it up into an installable application. Unfortunately, the Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline isn’t configured to build and publish the windows version so I can’t invite you to download and install the latest version, but you may be able to glean from the source of what needs to be done.

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Seems like Virtual box + Ubuntu is a more passable way…

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