How to modify SDR Classifier?

I downloaded a project on GitHub, called TrafficPrediction,and I can successfully apply my own data on it, but I want to modify the SDR classifier a little bit.(I hadn’t thought of how to revise it, but I had this plan.)

Then I wanted to find the SDR classifier code area by debugging, debugging it to the end as if it had called C++, and then I didn’t know what to do.

I found this,I guess this is what I am looking to. But I don’t know if this project (TrafficPrediction) has used this part.

I found that HTM has 3 API,but I didn’t get very clear instructions through document.I still don’t know how to make changes in this project. (TrafficPrediction)

Hope to get your help, thank you!!

Hi @Caryn, thanks for posting. I’ve moved this into #nupic:developers because it is more of an advanced question about how to extend NuPIC classes.

I’m sorry to say that this project is quite a bit out of date. It uses an old version of our codebase. It is the CLAClassifier but we have changed that into the SDRClassifier.

What version of NuPIC are you running?

Also, a better example of this running on this data is in NAB. I think the same data set is used there as well, and it uses a more recent version of NuPIC.

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Thanks very much for your answer!!!

The version of nupic is 1.0.4.

I wonder if TrafficPrediction can change CLAClassifier to SDRClassifier and make some changes to it. Or if I want to modify the SDR classifier, I need to abandon this project and use my own data on NAB?

I haven’t learn about NAB yet. I may need some time to see the information you gave.:flushed::flushed::flushed:

Yes, you should definitely look into NAB and our quick starts for examples.

Okay! I’m going to learn about NAB right now~

I’m really looking forward to the next communication with you during my study.:grin::grin:

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