How to Run HTM School Visualizations



:boom: I know the problem. You’re in Windows. :smiley:

Change the gifData folder to gifdata lower case d. That should fix it.

I’ll submit a fix today.


I am using Ubuntu 16.04. And yes, actually I needed to change it to capital D! :smiley: Many thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

I killed the job and relaunched ‘npm start’. I see the image options now. The only little problem is that there are no thumbnails!


I forget sometimes that OS X is not case-sensitive. There is probably a similar problem with gif file names. Look in your console for more errors


Great help. I digged through and all fixed now!

For your ready future reference, following lines need replacement
In (and also in master/index.js)

Line 4

var gifData = undefined;


var gifdata = undefined;

Or replace-all gifdata with gifData

… Ah wait, I notice that you have fixed everything already! Great! :slight_smile: :clap::clap:


Hello. What a great tool, thanks!

The only thing I have problems with is gifs selection. Gifs show up for me, but when I click on them, I don’t get on http://localhost:8001/client/ep10/topology.html?load=<GIF-NAME>. I’ve inspected the element and they look like this:

I’ve tried replacing the link in <a> tag with a full one (starting with http://localhost:8001/client/ep10), but still, nothing happens when I click on it. And if I go to the page manually, everything looks fine there.


I installed this on my ubuntu-machine and when calling webpack in $CELL_VIZ, there is no dyson.js created. It generates ‘dist/cell-viz-3d-1.4.9.bundle.js’ and I am not sure to where I need to link this.

But nevertheless I was able to run the server and start some simulations. But unfortunately when running the simulation “Many GCMs” from episode 14, the menu in the right upper edge of the screen does not appear so I can’t change the settings. Do you know why this could be the case? I would love to change the settings like you do in the video.



I think this are old instructions. If it works, it is working. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uncomment this line:


Thank you very much! This solved it.


I have some questions about the result of this tutorial ‘how-to-run-htm-school-visualizations’, I want to know after applying this steps the results will be open in my browser? and is there any way to open them in python environment and see result after run them in python?
if it is not, is there any code witch i can use it in python and see result there???


The visualizations are not written in python. You must run a web server.


hi. is there code of spatial pooling algorithm and temporal memory in this package or not?


hi, i had read this tutorial but i dont understand step 1 ,that where i should use this commands, i mean in which environment i should enter this codes??
export HTM_SERVER=<
export CELL_VIZ=<
export HTM_VIZ=<
and it should be exactly with this address or not ? i should change it by my path in my computer?

What is the computer property to run this demo?

Are you in Windows? Because this probably does not run in windows.


yes i am in windows 10.


Those are just environment variables you should set in the shell.


I’m trying to run the visualizations on windows 10, but I have been unable to get the webserver running. When I run the code

python 8080

I get the error

no module name capnp

and I cant find this library for windows 64 ,As an aside I already have MinGW GCC for Python as well as mingGW 64 installed. and also install nupic correctly (the version that you cited in above and in ),Any help would be much appreciated.



hi @rhyolight
did the visualization work on the windows because, as I see in the comments there is a several problems in the windows


hi dear matt, when i click on episode 7 (random spatial pooler) nothing loaded, can you tell me what should i do?(I run in linux (manjaro) and in python 2.7 )


Episode 7 is the first episode that requires the NuPIC server to be running. Make sure it is running and not throwing errors.